Don’t hide your pollution. Label it.

Secrets, secrets are no fun, especially when they could help the public make better decisions for the planet. So we’re giving away our Carbon Footprint tools to the entire fashion industry. We know that sharing proprietary information might not make the most business sense. But the global climate crisis is bigger than business. And if competition got us into this mess, perhaps collaboration can get us out.

Please take our spreadsheet

Our life cycle assessment (LCA) tool is where all the magic happens. We use it to calculate the Carbon Footprint of our products, identify hotspots, and drive emissions reductions. We partner with SCS Global Services to populate this spreadsheet with data that is specific to our supply chain. You should give them a shout if you need help finding yours.

You’ll probably need this guide

We developed a helpful manual to make it as easy as possible for your business to start using our spreadsheet to calculate your Carbon Footprint. You’ll find tips and tricks on how to factor in emissions from materials, manufacturing, transportation, consumer use, and end of life.

And don’t forget the labels

The last step is the easiest, but also the most important. Our Carbon Footprint labels are what keep us accountable and our customers informed. The “nutrition label” version breaks down emissions by category. And the “stamp” version shows the grand total at a glance. Feel free to lift them directly or use as inspiration for your own.

Attention all shoppers

If you just shop for shoes and clothes, you might not have much use for our emissions spreadsheet. But we do have a petition for you to sign. It tells the fashion industry that you want to know the Carbon Footprint of everything you buy. Sign it on Change.org

Dear Fashion Industry

Allbirds can’t make corporate accountability trendy on our own. So we wrote an email to the world’s biggest fashion brands inviting them to use our Carbon Footprint tools. We also published it in a few newspapers, just in case they missed it. Read the email.

* Full disclosure time

We’re already working with Adidas on a running shoe that will have our lowest Carbon Footprint to date. They’re a lovely bunch of people. Check out the Vogue article about the partnership.