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Did you know four million tonnes of holiday gift wrapping ends up in landfills every year? We think that’s rubbish. And since we strive to make better things in a better way, this season we encourage you to scrap the wrap.

Instead, get creative and go wild customizing, embellishing, and decorating your gifts. We’ve designed a few creations to help you get inspired. For more ideas, check us out @allbirds, then share your own using #ScrapTheWrap

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Go Au Naturel

Keep it real. Tie some of your favourite branches or blooms neatly to the box with some string or shoe laces.

Make it Cozy

Unravel a bit. Use some leftover yarn scraps to wrap your present in a sweater.

Create Your Canvas

Paint a unique creation for your loved one - we all have a little Bob Ross in us after all.

Start by picking your favourite colour of Wool Runners for everyone on your list.

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