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Your Allbirds are built to travel

So in all likelihood, they will get pretty dirty.
Don’t worry, we thought of that.

Cleaning your Allbirds

  • Remove the insoles and laces, and brush off excess dirt with a towel or soft brush.
  • Throw the shoes in the washing machine on wool/delicates cycle (cold water). We recommend using a linen bag and washing the insoles by hand for best results.
  • Do NOT tumble dry – air dry your Allbirds like the good ol’ days.
  • Good as new! Reinsert the insole and laces and get on with your day.

Replace your insoles

Feet stink. It’s a fact of life, and usually absorbent insoles are the main culprit of a smelly shoe. We want you to wear your Allbirds for a long, long time, so we offer premium replacement insoles -- high cushion, lined with our merino fabric -- at a fraction of other replacement insoles on the market. These insoles are designed for plush comfort, made with vegetable oil to put the spring back in your step.