Allbirds Introduces Superlight Collection

Allbirds Introduces Superlight Collection


The SuperLight collection includes three styles with an ultra lightweight, low-carbon midsole foam

The work of reversing climate change can feel heavy. Allbirds believes it doesn't have to be. Introducing: the SuperLight collection, three new styles that deliver a "light as a feather" feeling without compromising on cutting carbon. The styles include a SuperLight Trainer and Tree Runner, available beginning April 18; and the SuperLight Wool Runner, coming in late 2023.

“We’re constantly working to deliver captivating and comfortable footwear while also reducing the carbon footprints of our products. We want to set the curve on sustainability and innovation. This reimagination of some of our core styles is the manifestation of that mindset,” said Tim Brown, co-Founder and co-CEO.

Each of the SuperLight shoes offers Allbirds’s signature comfort in a package that feels great for your feet and for the planet. The SuperLight Wool Runner, for example, weighs in at just 4.23oz (W7) / 5.11oz (M9)... that’s lighter than an iPhone or a baseball. The carbon footprint of the SuperLight styles ranges between just 2.14 to 4.04 kg CO₂e – compared to the average sneaker carbon footprint of 14 kg CO₂e. Each of the styles are underpinned by Allbirds's newest midsole innovation: SuperLight Foam, their most lightweight and low-carbon foam to date.

SuperLight Foam is made with carbon negative, sugarcane-derived green EVA, creating a midsole that is approximately 70% bio-based content. (Compare that with usual industry foams that are often 100% plastics made from petroleum.)

SuperLight Foam is one of several super natural materials used in the collection:
The SuperLight Tree Runner ($115 USD) upper is made with lightweight, breathable FSC®-certified eucalyptus tree fiber. Compared to traditional materials, TENCEL™ Lyocell uses 95% less water than conventional cotton and has a carbon footprint that is one-third lower than virgin nylon.
The SuperLight Trainer ($120 USD) upper combines eucalyptus tree fiber with recycled polyester. Just like conventional (or virgin) polyester, recycled polyester is strong, flexible, and durable. But unlike virgin polyester, which is made from oil, recycled polyester is made with plastic waste, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and the risk of that waste ending up in landfills and oceans. The SuperLight Trainer rings in at 2.14 kg CO₂e, the lowest carbon footprint of any Allbirds product currently available to purchase.
The SuperLight Wool Runner ($120 USD) upper is made with ZQ-certified regenerative wool, aligning with Allbirds’s commitment to transition to all regenerative wool sources by 2025. Regenerative wool is produced on farms that exercise regenerative land management through practices like native plantings, ground clearing, and crop rotations.

“Cutting down on carbon is a game of inches. Every part of the shoe’s lifecycle is significant, from materials and packaging, to energy use and shipping,” said Jad Finck, VP of innovation. “Every component, feature, and detail of the SuperLight collection has been pored over to minimize carbon emissions without sacrificing on comfort and style.”

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About Allbirds, Inc. Dreamed up in New Zealand, Allbirds launched in San Francisco in 2016 with the ethos of using natural materials to create the world’s most comfortable shoes. With carbon reduction as its north star, Allbirds is paving the way for a more sustainable approach to business through product innovation, industry collaboration (like open sourcing its footprint calculator) and being the first footwear brand to carbon label all of its products. Allbirds serves customers in 35+ countries across 55+ retail stores.

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