Camping Shoes for Campsite Comfort

Camping Shoes for Campsite Comfort

Camping often involves a lot of gear. Aside from all the obvious stuff—tents, sleeping bags, things to start fires with—essential gear like camping shoes may sometimes get overlooked. And while it may be tempting to simply go with some old, battered, retired pair of shoes, we think that is a little counterintuitive.

Why? Because just as with any other activity, camping is always made better with the right pair of shoes.

So, what does that look like? It’s best to break it all down to the most important aspects of a great camping shoe that will enhance your outdoor experiences and go from there:


Even if your version of camping verges on glamping, you still don’t want to be weighed down by dense, bulky shoes that make getting around the campsite more of a chore. In fact, clunky, ultra-rugged outdoor shoes are typically not needed unless you’re doing some serious backwoods camping and hiking across unforgiving terrain. Lightweight camping shoes let you retain a certain sense of nimbleness when on your feet and help reduce fatigue.


Despite what some may insinuate, there’s nothing wrong with prioritizing comfort when camping—even if just for your feet. Whether you’re one to get out and explore the scenery around your campsite or prefer to stay close, sit back, and take it all in, your camping experience is always better with a comfy pair of shoes on your feet. The right amount of cushioning and support goes a long way.


From rocky trails to muddy paths, camping shoes need to hold up to the environment where you’ve set up camp. Opt for shoes with rugged construction and durable materials that can handle rough terrain and frequent use—from the outer to the tread.


Unpredictable weather and occasional moisture are always possibilities when camping, so your shoes need to be up to the challenge. Seek out shoes with water-resistant finishes that can help keep your feet dry in wetter conditions and protect against splashes from puddles, streams, and other things that are wet.

Easy to Clean

Let’s face it: despite your best attempts, camping can sometimes get a little messy—especially regarding your feet. Ideally, your camping shoes should be easy to clean and dry in the event things get a little too dirty. Look for materials that can be spot-cleaned with a damp cloth or easily cleaned and air-dried. Machine washable is even better. Removable/replaceable insoles are also great to have.

The Trail Runners SWTs Are Your Trusty Camping Companions

For the ideal camping shoe that ticks all the boxes, the Trail Runners SWTs have you more than covered. Built for hiking and trail running, they’re designed to keep you comfortable and supported on any outdoor adventure, from extended treks to casual strolls around the campground.

With ultra-grippy treads, multi-directional 4mm lugs, and a sturdy profile, the Trail Runners SWTs offer reliable stability and traction across all types of terrain. Inside, a blend of breathable eucalyptus tree fiber and wool forms a breezy, seamless upper, while our plush Sweetfoam® sugarcane midsole provides cushioned support with each step. Plus, the water-resistant finish on the outer helps keep your feet from getting soggy in damp conditions, protecting you from splashes, puddles, and rain along the way. And thanks to a snug, sock-like collar, the Trail Runners SWTs can also keep out dirt and debris that may otherwise get inside (including those annoying small pebbles and rocks).

It doesn’t matter if you’re embarking on a multi-day backpacking trip or simply enjoying a weekend in the great outdoors, the Trail Runners SWTs are the perfect companion for your camping adventures. And, not that it matters functionally, but they also happen to look fantastic.

See for yourself. Pick out your favorite Trail Runner SWT color here: Men’s & Women’s

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