Pickleball Shoes & More: Essential Gear for New Pickleball Enthusiasts

Pickleball Shoes & More: Essential Gear for New Pickleball Enthusiasts

Have you noticed how pickleball is quickly becoming one of the most popular recreational sports? You’re clearly not alone, because so has everyone else. In fact, it’s America’s fastest-growing sport, and for a very legitimate reason: it’s simple and fun!

Whether you're a seasoned player or just getting started, having the right gear can enhance your playing experience and elevate your game. From paddles to pickleball shoes, let's explore the essential equipment you'll need to make the most of your pickleballing.


It’s probably best to start with the heart of the game: the pickleball paddle. When choosing a paddle, pay attention to the weight, grip size, and material. A lightweight paddle offers maneuverability and control, while a heavier paddle provides power and stability—it’s just a matter of preference. Go with a grip size that feels comfortable in your hand. As for material, graphite and composite paddles are popular choices for their combination of durability and overall performance.


Next up, you'll obviously need some pickleballs. These balls are specifically designed for the sport, featuring unique hole patterns that optimize flight and bounce. When selecting pickleballs, don’t worry about getting too fancy; simply look for ones that meet official tournament standards to ensure consistency and quality. You should also consider stocking up on a few extra balls, which can sometimes get lost during gameplay. And, if we’re all being honest, they can also get lost during non-gameplay.


You have some leeway in what you can wear during pickleball matches, but comfort and flexibility are always key. Opt for moisture-wicking fabrics that can help keep you cool and dryer even during the most intense matches. Lightweight tops and shorts allow for freedom of movement, while breathable socks can help prevent blisters and keep your feet comfortable throughout the game. If you are playing outside, remember to protect yourself from the sun with a lightweight hat and sunglasses.


And now for the best part of taking up a new sport: the footwear! A good pair of pickleball shoes is essential for providing traction, support, and stability on the court. Cushioning is also crucial, especially during those quick lateral movements and sudden stops. And you definitely want your feet to breathe as well.

With features like grippy treads, ample cushioning, ankle support, breathable materials, and plenty of style, there are several different pairs of Allbirds perfect for the pickleball court—mainly among our active shoes.

We recommend checking out the Tree Dasher 2s, Tree Flyer 2s, Tree Dasher Relays, Tree Runner Go and SuperLight Trainers when considering your new pair of pickleball shoes. Any one of these pickleball shoes would be a welcome addition to your gear as you step into this still relatively new and extremely fun sport. Plus, they’re great for running, walking, working out, and really just about anything else involving being on your feet.


Every sport has accessories worth adding to the mix, and pickleball is no different. A high-quality pickleball bag or backpack can keep all your gear organized and easily accessible, not to mention things like sunscreen and water. It’s also worth checking out grip wrap for your paddle to improve handling and reduce fatigue during those extended playing sessions.

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