Sole Searching: What to Look for in an Everyday Shoe

Sole Searching: What to Look for in an Everyday Shoe

Let’s see if we have this right. The average day starts with something like walking your dog, followed by a quick run to the coffee shop and then to work or an off-site meeting. After that, you may stop by a happy hour to meet up with some friends or chauffeur to the kids’ activity of the night. Finally, you officially head home—and now it’s time to walk the dog, again.

Are there really any options for shoes that can carry you through all that without looking out of place?

The short answer? Absolutely.

Whether you're a parent constantly on the move, a professional navigating a bustling workday, or someone who simply appreciates all-day comfort and versatile style—you need a shoe you can depend on for daily wear. And we have more than a few ideas.

The morning dog walk

There’s dew on the grass and a jump in your dog’s step. Time to put on your favorite dog-walking shoes and get out the door. Reach for a good walking shoe that is flexible, breathable, and comfortable.


Bah, who needs laces? Slip into convenient comfort with the ultra-cozy Wool Loungers, crafted from premium ZQ Merino wool. Need a more breathable version for the warmer times of the year? The Tree Loungers boast the same design but are made with our super-breathable and lightweight eucalyptus tree fiber.

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The pup won’t wait for perfect weather. If it’s damp outside, don’t worry, because the wool dasher mizzles are water-resistant and ready to go.

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Errands, quick stops & who-knows-what

When you’re jumping in the car to do your errands, you need a shoe that’s not bulky and not another sweaty running shoe. Get a versatile shoe that will carry you through your tasks but still look carefree. And hopefully, your stops include a nice coffee stop on the way.


Sporting a throwback style, the Couriers combine an ergonomic fit with ample breathability and support. So, basically, all the things you need in a daily shoe.

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Heading to the Office

While times have changed since the days of suits and dress shoes, you still need a shoe that looks business casual but feels weekend casual. There are finally great shoe options that look stylish while being breathable and lightweight.


With a classic low-top look that can be easily styled with chinos, slacks, and for women, maxi skirts, both the Tree Pipers and Wool Pipers are ideal for business casual wear. Go with the Tree Pipers when you need more breathability and the Wool Pipers for the colder months.

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Business lunch or meet-up with friends

It’s time to bring in your personal style and kick off the sneakers you’ve had on since your workout. Go for color, go for lightweight, and go make the day yours.


Lightweight, breathable tree fiber makes this shoe cool and comfortable. With a low profile and an extra soft underfoot cushioning, you may not take these off.

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Evening activities, meetings, and volunteering

Your feet have been through quite a day and they may be swollen or tired. This may be the time to do a quick wardrobe change and choose a shoe that is lightweight, breathable, and well-supported.


Lightweight and breathable, these activewear sneakers offer versatile styling and all-day comfort, perfect for tackling errands, leisurely activities, and really anything else.

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