Can You Use Allbirds Trail Runners SWTs for Hiking?

Can You Use Allbirds Trail Runners SWTs for Hiking?

Hiking is one of the most accessible ways to enjoy some of what the great outdoors has to offer. Hiking is a refreshing blend of cardio, sightseeing, birdwatching, and nature-appreciation all rolled into one. And unless you’re going all-in and doing some multi-day trek through the backwoods of wherever, hiking requires a minimal amount of gear—the most important, perhaps, being what you choose to wear on your feet during the journey.

Which leads us to the next question:

Can You Use Trail Runners for Hiking?

The short answer? Absolutely. In fact, we strongly encourage it.

That’s because trail running shoes are equipped with several features that are best described as highly intentional and, dare we say, very smart—if we say so ourselves (we are indeed saying this). The result is a highly capable, massively versatile shoe that can eagerly take on a wide range of terrain, whether your hike is a semi-quick jaunt through a local trail after work or a more extensive hike lasting several hours or even days.

Regardless of the duration or location of your personal journey through nature, the Trail Runners SWTs are up to the task. And, if it matters, you’ll happen to look quite sharp with them on your feet. (Hey, no one said style points don’t matter in the outdoors. But if they did, they’re wrong and probably wear ugly shoes indoors and outdoors.)

But enough about aesthetics, let’s talk more about what makes the Trail Runners SWTs such an ideal hiking shoe.

All Terrains Welcome

You never quite know what your feet are going to encounter on a hike, so, ideally, a shoe that can handle it all seems like a good idea. The Trail Runners SWTs are designed to be versatile enough to take on all types of terrain, from dusty trails to rocky paths and maybe even a stream or puddle or two (or three). With ultra-grippy treads and ​​multi-directional 4mm lugs between your feet and the ground, you can step confidently during your hikes, regardless of what comes your way. Plus, a water-resistant finish on the outside keeps your feet dry in wet conditions and occasional splashes, helping to prevent a hike’s worst enemy: the dreaded soggy feet.

Enhanced Comfort

Rugged durability is great and all, but not when it minimizes comfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with the Trail Runner SWTs. The inside of the shoes feature a breathable eucalyptus tree fiber and wool blend one-piece upper, our Sweetfoam® sugarcane midsole to ensure the right amount of support and stability, and a snug, sock-like collar that blocks debris from getting inside and ruining the plush environment your feet are enjoying on the trails and paths.

Planet-Friendly Materials

Hiking is one of the most immersive ways to experience the best of what nature has in store, and wearing the right shoes for the occasion certainly helps to elevate the experience. But you know what helps bolster the good-natured vibes even more? The bliss that comes from knowing that your shoes aren’t made at the expense of the very planet you are savoring with each step. In fact, they’re doing their part to preserve it.

That’s because the Trail Runners SWTs are made with a variety of sustainable materials, ranging from bio-based TPU seam tape and heel counters to laces made from recycled plastic bottles, castor bean oil-based insole foam, and so much more. All of this results in a carbon footprint of just 9.37 kg CO2e. Learn more about carbon footprint labeling and our commitment to reduce our impact.

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