Must-Pack: Comfortable Walking Shoes for Travel

Must-Pack: Comfortable Walking Shoes for Travel

From the moment you leave your home until you finally hit the hotel pillow, travel means a lot of walking. With days spent sightseeing, exploring gardens, historic sights, or the streets of your destination, your feet do a lot for you on the road.

For the frequent traveler, finding a pair of shoes that will keep your feet comfortable while logging all those steps is key. And because you can typically only pack so many suitcases, it’s also good to aim for something versatile enough to wear with, well, everything.

So, how do you go about finding the right shoes that offer both form and function? We have a few ideas in mind.

What are the best shoes for airports and plane rides?

Standing, waiting, walking, sprinting, sitting: you may be doing all of these at the airport, and your shoes should be comfortable enough to handle anything. We really hope you won’t need to sprint at any point on your journey, but if you do, a lightweight running shoe may be your best bet. The Tree Dasher Relay is our light slip-on sneaker and will get you to your gate in no time.

On the plane, breathability and soft materials are key. The upper in our Tree Runners is made with responsibly-sourced eucalyptus tree fiber, so you’re treading lightly on the planet, too. Plus, it’s a breathable, thermoregulating material, meaning your feet will stay dry and comfortable at 30,000 feet. Try our Tree Breezer Flats, too, which are especially light and airy.

What are the best shoes for city travel?

Traveling to an urban playground? You’ll probably be walking more than usual– especially if you’re using mass transit and walking as much as you can.

Think about finding shoes that are lightweight, easy to clean, and versatile.

Lightweight shoes for walking on vacation

Nothing beats a good pair of lightweight everyday shoes, which can get you around town but also look put-together enough for a nice lunch. Allbirds’ Tree Loungers are light and breezy in a classic style, while the Wool Pipers hit lower on the ankle and give you unbeatable comfort thanks to their premium Merino wool material.

Easy to clean shoes for traveling

If you find yourself needing to wipe down your shoes after a day stomping the pavement, or worse, if they need a full submersion wash, Allbirds shoes can handle it. Use the hotel sink or a nearby washing machine to get the gunk off without compromising the shape of the shoe. (Pro tip: remove the laces and the insoles first, and remember that they’ll need at least a full day in the sun to completely dry.)

Versatile shoes for your busy travel days

Traveling often means your days are packed. Going from one thing to the next means you’ll need shoes that can span a casual walk to the neighborhood coffee shop but also keep you looking presentable at a restaurant, a business meeting, or a fine art museum.

The good news is that there are many styles that give you the comfort of a sneaker without looking bulky. One is the Tree Skipper. Think slip-ons with a bowtie. Only in this case, the bowtie is a small cameo appearance from some very understated shoelaces. Flexible, lightweight, and ideal for warmer weather, Tree Skippers always make a fine travel companion.

We also love the Tree Pipers, especially in bright white. Women can wear these with shorts or even swimwear and later in the day with a sun dress or maxi skirt. Men can pair the Tree Pipers with shorts or jeans and dress them up with khakis. They’re a classic low-top style made with breathable and breezy eucalyptus fiber.

However you decide to lace up or slip them on, stay comfy and enjoy the trip!

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