Support Your Every Step at Home: House Shoes to the Rescue

Support Your Every Step at Home: House Shoes to the Rescue

Have you ever spent a day at home—maybe you’re preparing for a big holiday meal, working remotely, or doing chores—and your feet are unexpectedly sore?

Sometimes spending hours inside without shoes on literally hurts. Especially if your flooring is hardwood, tile, or another hard material.

The reason? Yup, lack of support. Just like you’d want to keep your feet comfortable on a long walk or when standing all day at your job, the same goes for what you wear inside your home.

What are house shoes?

House shoes are just that: comfortable shoes you wear exclusively in your home. They never go outside, so they stay clean—supporting your feet and keeping your feet warm if needed.

Many cultures consistently use slippers or house shoes and keep them all lined up at the door. So, if your feet are achy or strained after being inside all day, this idea is for you.

Should you wear shoes indoors?

If you spend a lot of time at home on your feet: cleaning, cooking, woodworking, general putzing, or walking a million steps on laundry day, we absolutely recommend indoor shoes.

Comfortable house shoes for the win!

What makes a good house shoe?

Think about these factors when picking a shoe for your best (indoor) life:

  • Easy to slip on and off

  • Comfortable with arch support

  • Fluff factor

  • Color: Let your personality through

Easy to slip on and off

Hands always full? Need something that’s just as easy to put on as it is to take off? Try a slip-on shoe, Allbirds slip-on shoes are extra comfortable because we only use the planet’s renewable materials, which are naturally lightweight and breathable. Try them out by slipping on the Tree Loungers, made with lightweight eucalyptus tree fiber, or the Wool Loungers with soft ZQ merino wool.

Comfort all day

While athletic shoes usually offer the most structure, everyday shoes and women’s flats will support your every step, too.

Good news: At Allbirds, we carry a slip-on athletic shoe called the Tree Dasher Relay, made from earth-friendly materials like leftover stock yarns, so each pair has slight variations in color for a one-of-a-kind design. You could absolutely do relays around the kitchen island in these.

For bumming-around-comfort in a lower profile, try the Tree Skippers in men’s and women’s, a lightweight boat shoe made with responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber.

Fluff factor

Now’s the time to up the Fluff. Cause why not?

Soft, fluffy merino wool is like wrapping your feet in a cloud all day. Check out all of our Allbirds Fluff, from slip-on Loungers to Slippers to High-tops with merino wool inside and out.

Color: Let your personality through

Hey, you’re not going to be seeing a ton of people in your house shoes, so why not pick a bold color or a super fun look you wouldn’t normally wear? This is your time to let your personality shine. We personally love some bold colors, hot pink, pale pink, and of course grass green on your feet.

So, go ahead—stay home, make your feet happy, make the planet happy, and enjoy your new house shoes!

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