The Allbirds Golf Dashers: Comfortable Golf Shoes from the Tee to the Green

The Allbirds Golf Dashers: Comfortable Golf Shoes from the Tee to the Green

Comfort should always be a priority if you’re spending the day on the golf course. But golf shoes can sometimes be overlooked or wind up far down the list—much to the chagrin of your feet. After all, you'll be walking, swinging, and spending hours on your feet as you take on each hole, so why not prioritize comfort in your golf shoes?

Let's dive into why comfortable golf shoes are essential and why our Golf Dashers are an ideal choice for a day on the course.

Comfort Matters

From links to parklands, spending a day on the golf course involves a lot of walking, swinging, and standing—even if you’ve got a cart along for the round. But worn out or uncomfortable shoes can quickly turn an enjoyable day into a painful experience and a less than stellar golf game.

Comfortable golf shoes should prioritize cushioning, stability, and flexibility.

  • Cushioning helps absorb impact and reduce fatigue during long rounds

  • Stability ensures you maintain your footing throughout your swing

  • The right amount of flexibility should allow for natural movement and prevent stiffness or restriction in your feet, resulting in a comfortable stride and smooth swings.

When you’re sporting golf shoes that are actually comfortable, you can focus on your game without being distracted by foot pain or discomfort, ensuring you perform at your best from the first hole to the last—and feel good afterwards.

Introducing the Golf Dasher

With a roomy forefoot, full-swing stability, and a classically modern style, the Golf Dasher seamlessly transitions from the driving range to the course to all the post-round activities and camaraderie. And your feet will feel comfy during every step in between.

The Golf Dasher boasts a classic midfoot saddle paired with a cushiony SweetFoam® midsole, offering a precise balance of support and comfort. As for performance on the fairway and greens, the grippy, multi-directional, natural rubber lugs provide full lateral swing stability, ensuring you maintain your footing during every swing.

Plus, the weather-ready ripstop and bio-based mudguard protect your feet against light elements on the course, keeping them dry when encountering the occasional splash or those random rain showers that can pop up from time to time.

Planet-Friendly Materials

When you wear Golf Dashers to the course, you’re helping play a part in preserving natural resources. Made with sustainable materials like ZQ Merino Wool and recycled polyester ripstop, bio-based TPU mudguard, and FSC-certified natural rubber outsole, we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of the Golf Dashers to just 6.88 CO2e while still delivering top-notch performance. We’d put a golf pun in here somewhere, but maybe it’s best just to let that speak for itself. Learn more about carbon footprint labeling and our commitment to reduce our impact.

Tee off in comfort and style with the Allbirds Golf Dasher and elevate your golf game to new heights. Check out our current offerings and find your best look: Men’s | Women’s

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