The Best Shoes for Nurses to Support You Through the Day (or Night)

The Best Shoes for Nurses to Support You Through the Day (or Night)

When it comes to professions that demand being on your feet all day, nursing sits indisputably at the top of the heap. Nurses often spend 12-hour+ shifts walking, running, and standing, so it’s no surprise that footwear can make or break your day. The best shoes for nurses need to be comfortable, breathable, durable, and stable—and a bit of, understated style doesn’t hurt, either.

As it turns out, Allbirds offers a range of shoes that check all these boxes for nursing professionals, plus give you a few bonus perks, too. Here are four options that are perfect for all the everyday healthcare heroes out there.

Tree Runners

With an upper made from sustainable eucalyptus tree fiber, the Tree Runners are lightweight and breathable—an invaluable feature for those with feet that tend to run a little hot at work. The natural mesh knit material will help feet stay fresh and fatigue-free during the longest (and hardest) of shifts.

Bonus: the array of available colors gives you plenty of options to find your perfect combo, whether you prefer matching your scrubs or going with a bold power look with vibrant colors.

Rating: ★★★★★

So comfy

“I work as a nurse and let me tell you, I am always comfy wearing these! I don’t even have to break them in. I love that they breathe easy and also are stylish!” - Christina E.

Tree Dasher 2

The Tree Dasher 2 picks up where the original Tree Dasher left off. And while these shoes are definitely engineered to provide a high level of performance on a fitness level, as it turns out, they’re an ultra-comfortable work shoe for healthcare professionals who spend all day on their feet.

The upper is made from our eucalyptus tree fiber for a soft and secure fit without compromising on comfort or airflow. On the bottom, you’ll find an outsole with flared heels combined with our springy SweetFoam™ midsole to soften impact from the moment you clock in until the day runs its course.

Rating: ★★★★★


“I love the feel and fit of my Allbirds. They are very comfortable as I am on my feet for hours in my nursing position at a local hospital. I reccommend Allbirds to all my friends.” - Cheryl S.

Wool Flyer Mizzles

For nurses working in colder, wetter climates or highly air-conditioned environments, the Wool Flyer Mizzles might catch your eye.

Originally designed for distance running (does it feel like you’ve run a marathon after some shifts?) and crafted from ZQ-certified Merino wool, the Wool Flyer Mizzles provide natural temperature regulation and moisture-wicking—keeping your feet dry and comfortable as you work.

Plus, with their water-repellent coating, you won’t have to worry about getting your feet wet either on your way to work or ahem, at work.

Rating: ★★★★★


“I love the comfort after wearing them for 12 hour shifts at a hospital.” - Bertha M.

Tree Dasher Relay

If your idea of the perfect nursing shoes involves a total lack of laces to deal with, it’s time to get acquainted with the Tree Dasher Relay in all their slip-on glory.

These active shoes are made with a one-piece upper using our eucalyptus tree fiber to deliver a snug fit without sacrificing comfort and breathability.

Rating: ★★★★★

Comfy & supportive!

“I bought these exact shoes for my sons (both nurses) I wore them to NYC on Mother’s Day walked all over and happy feet no breaking in even! My son is regretting not wear his! I have narrow feet but one bunion and no problem. I stand on my feet for 12 hour days so these will get lots of wear.” - Vivian V.

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