The Fuzzy Factor: Fuzzy Shoes for Everyday Comfort

The Fuzzy Factor: Fuzzy Shoes for Everyday Comfort

When the weather’s getting cooler—but the dog still needs to be walked and your running route still needs to be tackled—it’s time for a pair of reliable, fuzzy shoes. Allbirds Wool shoes are certifiably fuzzy, definitely bouncy, and comfortable enough for all of your weekend errands.

Here’s the buzz on the fuzz

Soft spot

Not only are our wool shoes soft & cozy thanks to merino wool fibers that are 20% the diameter of human hair, this material is breathable and temperature-regulating without any irritating scratchiness.

Moisture-wicking and in some cases, water resistant

Wool is naturally moisture-wicking, so shoes like our Wool Loungers won’t make your feet sweaty. If you’re looking for water-resistant shoes to go splashy through puddles in, go for our line of Wool Mizzles.

While many water-resistant footwear is made from synthetic materials, Allbirds has found materials that are much kinder on the planet. Mizzles are treated with a bio-based shield treated with fluorine-free water repellent coating, so they’re ready for walking in rainy weather and going about your day, even in wet conditions. (Available in high-tops or low-tops, and across mens, womens, and kids sizes.)

Sustainably made

Wool is one of those functional, renewable materials that humans have been using for centuries. Allbirds gets to partner with ZQ Merino and their New Zealand flocks for our fluffiest material, which happens to meet the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability. Our process uses 60% less energy than materials used in typical synthetic shoes.

Just one more thing: our Wool Runner has a carbon footprint of 8.03kg CO2e and all of our shoes now list their carbon footprint, so you actually know the impact of the shoes you’re purchasing. Want the lowest of the low when it comes to carbon footprint? Our SuperLight Wool Runner has a carbon footprint of 4.03 kg CO2e (a standard sneaker is about 14 kg CO2e, based on our calculations.)

Want more?

  • SweetFoam® midsole made with sugarcane-based green EVA

  • Shoe laces made from recycled plastic bottles

  • Castor bean oil-based insole foam

  • ZQ merino wool heel lining

The Warm Shoes Run-down

Choose from our selection of cold weather shoes that look cozy and feel light.

Cozy Slip-on shoes

Slip-ons are especially easy for traveling (shoes off at airport security? No problem), driving kids to sports real quick, or kicking about running errands. Check out the Wool Loungers (mens and womens) for a cozy slip-on that you won’t need socks for. Some people also love using their Loungers as at-home shoes reserved for supporting your every step when you’re at home. We love that idea!

Fuzzy Sneakers for the Win

Why run around in synthetics when you can wear something much softer? Wool runners for women or men are fan favorites around here, thanks to their versatility in everyday wear and travel. They’re lightweight, washable, and come in plenty of colors.

High-Tops for Top Moments

High tops look great with cropped pants and feel great in merino wool. They’re not just for playing basketball; these everyday high tops are for basically anything and everything else.

Try the Runner-up mizzle in women’s or men’s styles, which have a reinforced wool upper and sugarcane midsole, or the Runner-up Mizzles Plus in women’s or men’s, which have a no-nonsense look and mud guard overlay. Both of these looks are water-resistant and can get you through any rainy, busy day.

Fuzzy Slippers are the Ultimate House Shoe

A listing of fuzzy, cozy shoes would not be complete without talking about fantastically Fuzzy Slippers: the Wool Dweller. These are slip-in, bum-around-the-house traditional slippers that come in merino wool or in a material we just call “fluff.” Say goodbye to cold toes!

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