What Shoes to Wear When Traveling Someplace Cold

What Shoes to Wear When Traveling Someplace Cold

When packing for a trip, the last thing you want to do is show up unprepared for the weather at your destination—especially if it’s going to be cold. There’s nothing worse than making your way around town wishing you’d packed that puffy jacket or pair of gloves as you grit your teeth and endure the chilly temps. This is even more true with your feet. If your feet are cold, you’re going to be uncomfortable, even if you did pack that puffer jacket and gloves. Fortunately, this is all entirely avoidable.

Allbirds has tons of options of cold weather shoes in styles from sporty to casual. Here are our top picks for the best shoes for cold weather travel that will keep you warm and toasty during the colder seasons, at home and abroad.

Good for cold weather running: Wool Flyer Mizzles

Planning on getting some runs in while spending time at your chilly destination? We recommend packing a pair of the Wool Flyer Mizzles. These are the ultimate cold weather running shoes. They have an upper made from our ZQ Merino wool that’s been treated with a natural water repellent coating to keep your feet warm and dry when running in wet, cold weather. On the inside, a bio-based liner provides some extra protection from the elements. And thanks to a midsole made with our new lightweight and delightfully springy SwiftFoam™, you’ll have ample cushioning with each stride.

Good for errands on a chilly day: Wool Pipers

Classic, casual, versatile, and supremely comfortable, the Wool Pipers combine the time-tested look of a low-top sneaker with innovative materials and design. Crafted with our ZQ Merino wool inside and out, the Wool Pipers provide a plush haven for your feet on cold days, keeping them warm and snug while you explore a new place.

Good for traveling: Wool Runners

Our Wool Runners are a mix of form and function for colder climates. Designed for walking and running, yet stylish and versatile enough for everyday wear, the Wool Runners are a do-it-all shoe that can seamlessly go from the airport terminal to the cold pavement and a night out on the town. The ZQ Merino wool upper keeps your feet delicately insulated from the cold while still ensuring enough breathability to avoid that dreaded stuffy feeling you can get with other shoes.

An insole layered with castor bean oil and wool provides added cushioning while also wicking away moisture and reducing odor. And as for the space between your foot and the ground, our SweetFoam® midsole made from Brazilian sugarcane delivers a soft and steady step—as long as you steer clear of the occasional wayward patch of ice in your path.

Good for styling in the cold: Wool Runner-up Mizzles

If you prefer more coverage around the ankle and some added stability on those colder days, the Wool Runner-up Mizzles should be at the top of your list. As a close cousin of our Wool Runners (i.e., the cousin you talk to throughout the year and not just at holiday gatherings), the Wool Runner-up Mizzles feature the same minimalist style, but in a high-top version.

They also come treated with Puddle Guard®, our natural water-repellent coating, so your feet can remain warm and dry if the chilly weather turns wet. Sloshy conditions heading out on the town or visiting friends? This is your stylish shoe.

Good for camping or winterizing the garden: Wool Runner-up Mizzle Plus

Heading to a place where the weather is not only cold, but probably wet, snowy, and slushy? No need to trudge around in bulky, uncomfortable boots because the Wool Runner-up Mizzle Plus is more than up to the task. If you’ll be outside as much as inside, these shoes will protect your feet without being cold and rubbery.

Engineered for cold and wet weather, these offer the same features as the Wool Runner-up Mizzles, but with some added reinforcements—mainly in the form of a 25mm mud guard overlay for extra protection from snow, puddles, rain, or a mix of all three. And like the Wool Runner-up Mizzles, the Plus comes treated with a Puddle Guard® coating on the outside and provides better grip on the ground with an all-conditions tread design made with natural rubber.

Good for strolls: Wool Loungers

It’s never a bad idea to bring along a comfy pair of slip-ons for a trip, regardless of the weather. Featuring ZQ Merino wool inside and out, the Wool Loungers are the ideal cold weather slip-on shoes, whether you’re traveling or already there. Plush, warm, and super easy to get on and off, the Wool Loungers are perfect for, well, lounging around in your accommodations. But they’re also more than suited for a quick jaunt to a nearby cafe or pub, or even for your plane or train ride back home. Wherever your feet take you in the Wool Loungers, they’ll be snug and cozy.

Visit our cold weather shop, where premium merino wool comes to the rescue in cozy shoes and apparel.

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