Finding Your Stride: Jogging Shoes for the Casual Runner

Finding Your Stride: Jogging Shoes for the Casual Runner

Ready to hit the pavement and start jogging? Even if you’re not gearing up for the next marathon, we have some important news: the shoes you wear matter just as much as they would for the most serious distance runner. Whether you're aiming for a leisurely jog around the block or looking to cover some longer distances, choosing the right jogging shoes is always essential.

Let's dive into what to look for when selecting your perfect pair.

The Key Parts of a Good Jogging Shoe

It’s fairly simple: The best jogging shoes prioritize support, stability, breathability, and flexibility. Some added comfort and cushioning doesn’t hurt, either.


Go for jogging shoes that give you flexibility in spots where your feet naturally bend during movement. A shoe with a sole that's stiff in the middle but flexible at the toes delivers a more efficient stride, reducing the risk of pain in your feet or lower body.

Support and Stability

Your jogging shoes should also provide adequate stability to support your feet so you can get the most out of each step. Pay close attention to the shoe’s arch support, which plays a crucial role in maintaining stability on the ground and preventing issues like overpronation (when your foot rolls inward).


As you hit your stride, your feet generate heat, which can lead to discomfort, chafing, and blisters if not properly managed. Look for jogging shoes made from breathable fabrics, with ventilation along the upper. This will promote airflow and keep your feet cool and dry throughout your jog. For the full experience, try Allbirds’ socks, made from renewable materials like soft, lightweight Tree material (31% TENCEL™ Lyocell) and organic cotton.


The last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable jogging shoes. Your shoes should always feel good on your feet, whether running, walking, standing, or sitting. Ample cushioning around impact areas that will not restrict movement is ideal.

The Best Jogging Shoes for Casual Runners

Tree Dasher Relay

With its easy-on, easy-off design, the Tree Dasher Relays are always ready to join your feet for a jog. Crafted from our sustainable eucalyptus tree fiber, they feature a one-piece upper that locks your foot in place, while dual-density SweetFoam® midsoles provide additional stability and support with each step.

Tree Dasher 2

Perfect for everyday jogs, the Tree Dasher 2s offer optimal comfort and support for runners of all levels. Also made from our sustainable eucalyptus tree fiber, they provide the breathability needed to keep your feet cool and dry at all times. Stabilizing insoles and lightly padded heel collars ensure consistent strides and ankle support, along with grippy outsole traction for even better stability on the pavement.

Trail Runners SWT

Taking things off-road? No problem. The Trail Runner SWTs are built for tackling trails—whether you’re hiking or running. Featuring grippy, multi-directional lugs, a tear-resistant mudguard, and a water-resistant finish, these rugged shoes are ready for any terrain.

Tree Flyers 2

Built for runs of any distance, the Tree Flyers 2 combines innovative design and engineering to ensure consistent performance for hours on end. Our renowned SwiftFoam™ cushioning provides endless comfort, while a flared, geometric design enhances stability to keep your strides consistent. And let’s not forget the breathable eucalyptus fiber upper that lets the air flow in and out, keeping it cool and dry for your feet.

Before you go, don’t forget the socks! From crew socks to ankle and no-show looks, Allbirds socks are the perfect companion for any pair of jogging shoes.

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