The Best Running Shoes for Beginners

The Best Running Shoes for Beginners

Ready to start running? Pro tip: it all starts with the shoes. Whether your idea of a good time is running a 5k with friends or running from the kind of people who run a 5k with friends, what you wear (and why) really matters. Overall, the ​​best running shoes for beginners keep your feet stable, cushioned, dry, and comfortable.

What To Look For

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner runner, there are three essential factors you need to look for in a running shoe: breathability, flexibility, and stability.

Does It Breathe?

As you run, the inside of your shoe increases in temperature. If the heat has no way to escape, the interior becomes humid, leading to chaffing and blisters (not to mention that gross wet-sock feeling).

So, how to keep things cool? Look for running shoes with airy, breathable fabrics or micro-ventilation along the upper to keep feet drier and free of painful blisters.

Does It Flex?

Running shoes that are too rigid make your stride less efficient, leading to pain in your feet or lower body.

Your running shoes should flex where your feet flex naturally. The shoe's sole should be stiff in the middle and flexible at the toes.

Does It Provide Enough Support?

Running shoes need to be lightweight and flexible, but they also need to provide the right stability* to give you a consistent plant-and-step with each stride. Arch support plays a big role in the overall stability of a shoe.

(*To clarify, this is not a reference to stability running shoes, a particular type of shoe designed to help runners who overpronate.)

The Best Running Shoes for Beginners

Below are our four picks for the best running shoes for beginner runners.

Tree Dasher

Ideal for everyday runs, the original Tree Dasher checks off all the right boxes for any level of runner.

Whether running around the block or going on a trek that’s long enough to get in a full episode of your favorite podcast, your feet will remain cool and dry thanks to super-breathable (and ultra-sustainable) eucalyptus tree fiber. Our stabilizing insoles support each step while lightly padded heel collars lock your ankle in place to ensure consistent strides.

Learn more about the Tree Dashers: Men’s & Women’s

Tree Dasher Relay

No laces? No problem. With an easy-on, easy-off design, the Tree Dasher Relay is ready to hit the pavement whenever you are. Like many of our shoes, the Tree Dasher Relay is made with sustainable eucalyptus tree fiber to ensure optimal breathability. The unique, one-piece upper delivers locks your foot into place, while our dual-density SweetFoam® midsole provides the stability and support needed to keep your steps consistent.

Learn more about the Tree Dasher Relay: Men’s & Women’s

Trail Runners SWT

Why hike a trail when you can run it? Designed for both walking and running, the Trail Runner SWT were made to take in the trails, thanks to grippy, multi-directional lugs, a tear-resistant mudguard, and a water-resistant finish.

Learn more about the Trail Runners SWT: Men’s & Women’s

Tree Flyers

If you’ll be running on the longer side of the distance spectrum, you will need a shoe that’s up for the task. Our Tree Flyers are built for long-distance runs and feature the engineering designs and innovative materials to make it all happen.

Our lightweight and springy SwiftFoam™ offers increased cushioning and comfort, while a flared, geometric design increases stability with each step. A natural rubber tread with a zonal traction pattern ensures a firm foothold on the pavement, and a breathable eucalyptus fiber upper keeps your feet happy the whole run.

Learn more about the Tree Flyers: Men’s & Women’s

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