How Casual Sneakers are Redefining Everyday Style

How Casual Sneakers are Redefining Everyday Style

The days of formal dress codes and everyday suits are definitely changing—and casual looks have taken over. From business meetings to dining out, more people are choosing comfort over formality. But don't worry about looking sloppy. With tons of new materials and versatile styles, casual shoes can still keep you looking sharp.

What are considered casual sneakers?

Casual sneakers are footwear designed for everyday comfort. They typically have a low or mid-top design and can be made from any number of materials, with aesthetics and comfort being the priority. These are the shoes you grab off your shelf for everyday wear and maximum versatility.

The typical pair of casual sneakers can come in all kinds of designs and colors, ranging from simple and minimalist to bold and colorful. Ideally, casual everyday shoes should pair well with casual attire like jeans, shorts, or casual dresses.

The majority of Allbirds shoes can be considered “casual.” Take a look at our full collection of everyday sneakers for men and everyday sneakers for women.

Can I wear white sneakers for business casual?

We certainly think so! White sneakers can be worn for business casual settings, especially in more relaxed and creative industries or work environments. Clean, minimalist white sneakers can provide a modern touch to your business casual attire. Consider pairing them with tailored trousers, a button-up shirt or blouse, or a blazer for a polished look.

One quick note: If you’re going to wear your casual shoes at work, it's key to ensure your sneakers are well-maintained and clean with a like-new look. Dirty or worn-out shoes can take away from your overall appearance and make it look like you forgot to pay attention to your shoe choice.

There are several pairs of Allbirds shoes that are available in bright white and would be great as business casual sneakers—check out our all-white options for men here: Wool Runners, Tree Pipers, Tree Runners, Superlight Tree Runners, and Tree Skippers. And our all-white options for women here: Wool Runners, Tree Pipers, Tree Runners, Superlight Tree Runners, and Tree Skippers.

What is smart casual? Can I wear white sneakers for smart casual?

Smart casual is even less formal than business casual. It’s your go-to for most social professional occasions or times when you want to make a good impression while looking at ease. ​​It’s a step up from what you’d wear on your couch, but not by much.

Yes, white everyday sneakers can definitely count as smart casual attire, as long as they are minimalist in design and kept clean. Pair them with clean, well-fitting clothing like button-up shirts or even a plain, clean t-shirt, plus chinos or tailored trousers. This combination can create a stylish balance between formal and casual, which is the goal, after all.

Looking for white sneakers for your smart casual look? Check out our all-white shoes for men and our all-white options for women.

Should you wear socks with casual sneakers?

It’s really a matter of preference. The choice of whether or not to wear socks with casual sneakers depends on personal style and the type of shoe.

Allbirds have ample softness and comfort for that luscious barefoot wear, but keep in mind that they aren't specifically designed for going sockless all the time.

If you choose to forgo socks, rest assured that our breathable wool uppers and odor-resistant insoles will keep your feet comfortable and fresh-feeling. If you ever do want to refresh them, Allbirds are machine-washable (just remove the insoles & laces first).

And for those days you prefer to wear socks with your casual everyday shoes, our Anytime socks offers a wide range of styles and colors you’ll love.

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