Rules For The Road: Top Tips For Safer Road Running

Rules For The Road: Top Tips For Safer Road Running

Between fast-moving traffic and obstructions on the road, getting in miles can sometimes feel more stressful than safe.

At Allbirds, we believe in comfort—including the comfort that you get when being active. For those who are active in busy areas, here are our tips for how to run more safely on the road.

Tell someone you’re heading out

Before you go, let someone know where you plan on running, even if it’s just through a quick text. Also, consider turning on your location tracking on your smart device for extra peace of mind in an emergency.

Check your route

There’s nothing more annoying than running up against a road closure, a ton of traffic, or a flooded intersection. Peek at your maps app before you go to make sure your route is clear.

Shine bright

Low light levels are one of the main causes of collisions with runners or cyclists. If you like running early or late in the day or don’t mind running in inclement weather, always gear up with reflective clothing. Wearing a reflective belt, a vest, safety wristbands, or a handy clip-on running light can help drivers spot you sooner to avoid accidents.

What to take with you

No one wants to weigh themselves down on a run, but there are a few things you should have with you for safety’s sake:

  • A phone, watch, or other wearable device that tracks your location

  • A personal safety alarm or emergency item such as a strobe/alarm combo or pepper spray. These items can clip on and be used to disorient an attacker.

  • A road ID or identification card

Don’t go it alone

Just like when you were a kid, use the buddy system. If something were to happen to either of you, the other can get help, and if you come across any kind of situation, having another person with you can offer instant comfort.

Running with a furry friend has its perks, too. Dogs can often sense danger and protect you if another dog (or another person) tries to attack. Plus, they’d probably love to go running with their favorite human!

Be aware of traffic

Whenever you can, use the sidewalk. Even if you have to outmaneuver kids on bikes, it’s much safer than being on the street.

If you need to run the street, go against traffic. This way you can see oncoming cars and you won’t get startled by any passing you from behind.

Finally, if you’re coming up the crest of a hill, assume there is a car coming up the other side. Stay far against the curb if there’s no sidewalk, just in case.

Pretend you’re in a car

That means following traffic laws, like waiting for the green light/walk signal and watching for cars shooting out of driveways and parking garages.

Cross at crosswalks

With cars coming out of parking spaces unexpectedly or drivers going way faster than they should, don’t take the chance of ‘jay-running.’ Stick with crosswalks and stay safe.

Turn down the tunes

Rule number one to running safely is to be aware of your surroundings. Keep the music at a low level so you can hear sounds like oncoming traffic or shouts from others if there’s something dangerous happening.

Don’t be a hero

Slow down on uneven or broken pavement, when crossing railroad tracks, or when running in icy conditions. Take it easy and you’ll be more likely to avoid a twisted ankle or ending up on your rump.

Ready to get out there and do this? The last stop is to check out Allbirds’ full line of running shoes and apparel, all made from a mix of sustainable materials—so you can break a sweat, not the planet.

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